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Lady Cavs Coaches Corner

 As we prepare to take on  another off season I must say I'm very pleased with our progress. The girls have been working extremely hard and continue to demonstrate an insaitable will to win. I feel we have turned the corner and now ready to move this program to the next level. The Girls and I feel we have proven to everyone we can not only compete in the OCC we can win it. We also believe we are on the right track to become a basketball power in the Southeast District.These three seasons of our new winning attitude has given us the confidence we lacked for almost 10 years. It has also given us an idea of where we're at in terms of being a Championship caliber team. I personally feel if we continue to work hard we can be at the top around the state.

Did you know that Coach Lisath is one of five coaches in Ohio High school history to win a State Championship as a player and coach (1978 player; 1988 coach)and to be selected as a All-Ohio basketball player in two different divisions? (1977 Class AAA; 1978 Class AA)